Sunday, March 22, 2009

Earth Day Callenge

Coming soon EtsyFriends Earth Day Challenge!
This is the first thing I am considering for the challenge, It's an coiled hot pad resembling the Earth. The hot pad is created using scrap pieces of fabrics that I have left over from project that range from clothes to gifts for all my Nieces and Nephews. This hot pad used various blues, greens and purples. The continents are stitch down fully. Tell me what you think

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EtsyFriends Treasure Hunt

Lucky Charms

Come by our blog and find all the lucky charms for your chance to win prizes! There's over $150 of merchandise being given away from members of our team (Plus a ton of awesome sales!). AND there will be 3 winners! Enter between 3/3 and 3/17 midnight PST. (For more details on how to play, click here)

US only 18+.

To enter head to out blog:


First place (first randomly drawn): Wins first pick and gets to choose 9 of the prizes being offered.

Second place (Second randomly drawn): wins second pick out of the remaining prizes and gets to pick 6 of the prizes being offered.

Third place: Gets all of the remaining 5 prizes being offered.

(Possible: 4th place, if there are any left over prizes that the 3rd place can't use then 1 extra person will get some prizes).

List of prizes:


On top of all the awesome prizes, you can get Sales and discounts from all the participating shops! Sales good from March 3rd - March 17th

To find all the discounts head to our blog

Shops offering awesome discounts:


For information on Team Etsyfriends

Visit the EtsyFriends:

To find items by EtsyFriends use the tag "etsyfriends team"

And if you would like to find our most current team thread, search for "EtsyFriends" in the Forum Posts