Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Final cake for the party


Well I have to say it didn't turn out just like my picture I drew. I planned on having round towers on each of the four corners. I made them out of rice crispy treats, and they fell apart =( I've learned over the years sometimes things don't work out as planned. So I modified it a bit and this is the result. I just hope the kids love it.
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Kaleidoscope Korner said...

holy smokers!! i did not expect all! now thats a cake! i need a dino for oct 9th...should i send you my addy? lol

Carapace said...

That's a great cake! And rice krispies treats-- oh, the only thing I miss on my diet! I am so jealous of those kids. Tell me they loved it!

(also, I tag you!: