Monday, July 7, 2008

How to make an eye patch for a child

This comes out of my own frustrations and I wanted to help others in my position. My son was told he had to wear an eye patch for a few months. I was not able to purchase one from them but was told to check any pharmacy or medical supply store to buy one. Well after making several stops and phone calls still No Child size patch. SO I looked on the internet and no pattern or even how to's just buy them here sites. I needed it yesterday so I decided to make one. This is the second one I made pictured as you can imagine the first one didn't look so good. So here is my materials list and instructions on how to make one. You could also use this as a costume patch if wanted and use much thinner elastic and leave the bias tape casing off
*elastic- ¼” wide
*bias tape- double folded
*paper for making pattern

Start by making a circle that will be 3” across or an oval that measures 3” across. The patch will fit better is it is made a little oblong. My patch measures 2 ¾” across and 2 ¼” tall. Draw the circle on the paper, cut out and hold up to your child’s eye. Make sure that it will cover the entire eye with extra all the way around.
Next you need to use the paper pattern you made to cut out 2 layers of fabric and two layers of buckram. Buckram is a very stiff interfacing, if you can’t find it use a few layers of stiff interfacing. Pin all four layer together and hold up to your eye. Is it dark? If yes then you are ready to sew if not then you need to add another layer or two of fabric. After you have all the layers cut out make a sandwich that has the buckram in the middle and the fabric on the outside and pin. Stitch around the outside edge as close to the edge as possible. Then satin stitch around the outside edges. You can enclose the edges in bias tape but I found that to be much harder since it is so small.
The next thing to do is make a casing for the elastic out of double fold bias tape. Measure the elastic around the child’s head, remember to hold the patch up so that you can measure from the outside edges so you don’t get it too long. Measure how long the elastic is and add 10” to it for the length of bias tape you need. Then just sew the open edges of the bias tape together down the length. Insert elastic and baste on each end. Then sew to the sides at the top on the patch. Covering the elastic makes it a bit more comfortable.

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